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Dr. Loewenstein Explains Your Options for Plastic Surgery: Breast Implants, Full Body Procedures, And More!

Understanding Your Plastic Surgery Options

In today’s world, women who choose to have plastic surgery can no longer be stereotyped. Women of all shapes, sizes, and ages who desire cosmetic surgery procedures (including breast implants) might want to boost their confidence, gain back their pre-baby body, or correct issues like asymmetry. The social stigmas that once existed are starting to become obsolete, as women seek breast augmentation for a variety of reasons. Women no longer need to feel self-conscious and uncomfortable picking up the phone to book an appointment with a doctor.

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

When you do go in for a breast augmentation consultation, the last thing you want is to feel like your plastic surgeon is not listening to you. At Milwaukee Plastic Surgery, Dr. Paul Loewenstein makes communication his number one priority.

“If you don’t feel comfortable with your plastic surgeon, no matter what their credentials, see someone else! If you don’t feel like you’re communicating on the same page, see someone else!
Doctors need to be forthright about what breast implants can and can’t do for the patient. They should present it in an honest and open fashion.” – Dr. Loewenstein

Honest, open, and skillful. These are all words to describe IDEAL IMPLANT® Premier Surgeon Dr. Paul Loewenstein and the members of his staff. When you come into his Milwaukee office, you won’t be rushed through your appointment.

“Dr. Lowenstein is a great listener, meaning that he wants to understand what the patient is looking for and then explain what is doable or not. That sets appropriate expectations, which is key for the patient. He has a calming demeanor, excellent bedside manner and is able to make you feel like you are his only patient, which is certainly not the truth – he’s a busy guy! He is a superb surgeon, but equally important to us, he’s a true artist in his field. The procedures I had produced a natural result . . . My husband and I highly recommend Dr. Loewenstein!”

-Michele C., a patient of Dr. Loewenstein

Taking the Time for Personal Care

No matter what the procedure, Dr. Loewenstein spends generous amounts of time with each patient, trying to understand their ultimate goals for plastic surgery and how to best accomplish them. When it comes to breast implants, Dr. Loewenstein knows that specific goals vary from woman to woman.

“I don’t mind having a patient bring in pictures of other people, of what they think looks good. It may be unrealistic, but at least I can have a visual sense what they’re looking to accomplish. I’m in the midwest and some women say, ‘I don’t want to look like Dolly Parton. I don’t want to look like a Barbie doll. I just want to restore what was there before I got pregnant and had children.’ while other women have different goals in mind.”  – Dr. Loewenstein

It’s easy to research the different types of breast implants available to you online. A basic Google search will let you know what choices you have. But what you may not find out is the pros and cons of each type of implant, and if that specific implant is even right for you and your anatomy. During your consultation, Dr. Loewenstein takes his time to explain all the options out there, including silicone gel implants, saline implants, and IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.

Staying Abreast of New Technology

Many plastic surgeons do not yet offer the IDEAL IMPLANT, but Dr. Loewenstein believes it is important to stay up to date on technological advances in the plastic surgery industry. He began using IDEAL IMPLANT as soon as it became available to the general plastic surgery community around 2014. The IDEAL IMPLANT is a structured implant that is filled with saline to give women a beautiful shape and natural feel. The unique structure of the IDEAL IMPLANT ensures it won’t look like a water balloon under your clothing.

You want a surgeon who is going to place your safety above all else. Dr. Loewenstein does everything he can to reduce your risk of capsular contracture (or the buildup of scar tissue around an implant) both before and after surgery. The IDEAL IMPLANT has a lower risk of rupture and capsule contracture than other implants on the market, which is one of the reasons why Dr. Loewenstein has included the use of it in his practice.

“The incidents of capsular contracture are extremely low. It’s lowest among all the different types of implants available. I just find that there’s a lot of reasons to have peace of mind when using IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.” – Dr. Loewenstein

Ensuring You are Backed by Experience

Dr. Loewenstein is a leader among his peers, and has served as Chief of Plastic Surgery at St. Luke’s Medical Center and St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center, as well as Chairman of Surgery at West Allis Memorial Hospital. When you choose Dr. Loewenstein as your plastic surgeon, you are selecting an expert in the field of plastic surgery.

“Selecting Dr. Loewenstein as our surgeon was an incredibly smart move! Dr. Loewenstein’s unique combination of 35 years surgical experience, inherent artistry, and kind/compassionate bedside manner are a gift to each of his patients. We are grateful to have been able to work with him, give him the highest marks, and will certainly seek him out for any future plastic surgery needs. Thank you Dr. Loewenstein!” -RealSelf Review

Dr. Loewenstein is an IDEAL IMPLANT Premier Network Surgeon offering the latest technology to women in the greater Milwaukee area. Dr. Loewenstein stands among the nation’s most experienced IDEAL IMPLANT surgeons, with unsurpassed expertise in helping women achieve the beautiful results they want, without compromising their peace of mind.  Call us today.

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Dr. Paul Lowenstein is well-respected plastic surgeon treating patients from Milwaukee and throughout the area. Numerous Milwaukee breast augmentation, facelift, liposuction and mommy makeover patients have trusted his years of experience and have frequently commented

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