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Ensure Your Future: Breast Implants and the IDEAL IMPLANT® Premium Protection Plan

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin one hundred percent of Dr. Paul Loewenstein’s plastic surgery patients choose IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Saline Breast Implants over traditional saline implants. Women like the look and feel of the IDEAL IMPLANT, and the peace of mind it brings them with only saline inside.

“The IDEAL IMPLANT is made up of baffled shells nested inside of each other so that the saline doesn’t slosh, it sort of flows more gradually, similar to what a silicone gel-filled implant does. So the one big change with saline has been the advance of the IDEAL IMPLANT.” – Dr. Paul Loewenstein

Most breast implants come with warranties, and the IDEAL IMPLANT is no different in this regard. All women who choose the IDEAL IMPLANT for their breast augmentation are automatically enrolled at no cost in the IDEAL IMPLANT Basic Protection Plan. This plan provides you with financial assistance of up to $3500 to help with uninsured out-of-pocket surgery costs if your implants deflate for 10 years after your surgery.

Extensive Protection You Want

Now, for women who want extended protection above and beyond the norm, the IDEAL IMPLANT Premium Protection Plan is also available. You can avoid the cost and worry of unexpected, uninsured costs with this exceptional option.

Dr. Robert Hamas invented IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants after years of dealing with ruptured silicone gel implants and listening to patient concerns. Dr. Hamas says the IDEAL IMPLANT Premium Protection Plan can help give women extra reassurance regarding their implants.

“We feel our responsibility to women receiving our implants doesn’t end when the final stitch is tied. While IDEAL IMPLANT offers some of the lowest rupture and capsular contracture rates among implants, we want to provide women with financial peace of mind in case an unexpected expense arises, whether for an early post-operative complication, or a problem that arises many years in the future.” – Dr. Robert Hamas, CEO and President of IDEAL IMPLANT Incorporated

Post-breast augmentation, the IDEAL IMPLANT Premium Protection Plan includes:

  • $10,000 PROTECTION during the first 60 days after your procedure for bleeding, infection, anesthesia, blood clots and wound healing events.
  • $5,000 PROTECTION during the first year for capsular contracture, deflation, insertional scar revision and related events.
  • $5,000 PROTECTION during subsequent years for capsular contracture, deflation, insertional scar revision and related events.
  • RENEWABLE ANNUALLY FOR LIFE for greater peace of mind and financial protection.

Both the IDEAL IMPLANT Basic Protection Plan and the IDEAL IMPLANT Premium Protection Plan include a free IDEAL IMPLANT replacement during your lifetime for deflation and for the first 10 years for capsular contracture.

Breaking Down the Numbers

Patients seeking IDEAL IMPLANT breast implants enroll in the plan through their plastic surgeon in advance of their procedure. The cost of the plan varies based on a patient’s particular situation:

  • Primary breast augmentation: One-time payment of $189.
  • Exchanging existing implants for the IDEAL IMPLANT: One-time payment of $249.
  • Each additional year: Continuing protection costs only $79 a year – and you can renew for life!

It’s important to note that The Premium Protection Plan will protect you in the case of certain postoperative problems that are related to initial and replacement IDEAL IMPLANT surgery. If you choose to have other cosmetic surgery procedures performed at the same time, they are not covered by the plan. If you undergo an unrelated trauma, such as a car accident or fall, your health, auto, or homeowners insurance may apply. For a beautiful, natural look, along with greater peace of mind, women choose the IDEAL IMPLANT and the IDEAL IMPLANT Premium Protection Plan.

“Women who want to have peace of mind about knowing whether they have a silent rupture are not stressed after surgery when they choose the IDEAL IMPLANT.” – Dr. Paul Loewenstein

The Plastic Surgeon Patients Choose

Dr. Paul Loewenstein is widely considered the Milwaukee plastic surgeon of choice by both his patients and his peers. He has received many awards for his outstanding patient care, medical expertise, and his unmatched skill in achieving beautiful, natural-looking results. Dr. Loewenstein’s extensive experience working with the IDEAL IMPLANT recently distinguished him as an IDEAL IMPLANT Premier Network Surgeon. His unsurpassed expertise in helping women achieve the beautiful results they want with breast implants sets him apart from other plastic surgeons.

“ . . . During my consultation, Dr. Loewenstein took time to answer all my concerns and questions in detail. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable and kind. After meeting with him, I had the confidence I needed to decide to have my surgery. . . . Without any hesitation I definitely would recommend anyone who is seeking to have plastic surgery to consult with Dr. Loewenstein. He is an exceptional, thoughtful and talented surgeon.” – Realself review from Schutzie

Considering a breast augmentation? Simply call Dr. Loenstein’s office at 1-800-614-5097, or visit his website at www.drloewenstein.com. His office is located at 13800 West North Avenue, Suite 110 Brookfield, WI 53005. Contact Dr. Loewenstein’s office for a no-obligation consultation today.

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