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Milwaukee Breast Surgery Specialist – Dr. Loewenstein

At Dr. Loewenstein's Milwaukee plastic surgery facility, breast surgery is offered for women seeking to enhance their womanly figure by altering the shape and size of their breasts. Small, oversized, sagging or misshapen breasts can lead to a lack of self-confidence for many women. Following breast surgery with Dr. Loewenstein, female patients are able to regain confidence in their appearance and enjoy a new, curvaceous physique that accentuates their natural beauty. Dr. Loewenstein has many years of experience performing intricate breast surgery procedures and takes great pride in helping women realize their dreams of achieving more aesthetically pleasing breasts.

What Breast Surgery Can Accomplish

Breast surgery improves the shape, size and/or position of the breasts. Typically, the goal is a bust that is proportionate to the rest of the body, although every woman has a unique cosmetic objective. Breast augmentation increases the size of naturally small breasts with the placement of saline or silicone implants (implants can also be placed to correct asymmetry between the breasts). Breast lift restores saggy breasts to a more attractive position on the chest, and improves the shape of flat breasts. Breast reduction reduces oversized, heavy breasts. Breast reconstruction rebuilds one or both breasts after mastectomy.

In every case, Dr. Loewenstein is closely attuned to the needs and goals of the individual patient. The ideal breast size and shape varies by patient, and Dr. Loewenstein does his best to accommodate every cosmetic desire. He knows that some patients prefer "push-up bra"- like cleavage and others desire a more natural, teardrop-shaped breast. The satisfaction and safety of his patients are always his top priorities.

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