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Milwaukee Rhinoplasty Specialist – Dr. Loewenstein

About Rhinoplasty in Milwaukee

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Dr. Loewenstein is a leading Milwaukee cosmetic surgery and rhinoplasty specialist. He strives to obtain beautiful, natural results for every patient he treats, taking into account face shape, profile, physical features, and cosmetic goals. Very popular throughout Milwaukee, rhinoplasty has come a long way since the days of the small, upturned, cookie-cutter nose that everyone seemed to have post-rhinoplasty – during those days, it appeared that personal features were not considered. But today, Dr. Loewenstein instead personalizes the procedure for each Milwaukee nose surgery patient, carefully designing a nose that is proportionate and that complements the patient's other features. This allows for balance and facial harmony.

How Rhinoplasty Is Performed

If you are unhappy with the size or shape of your nose and live in or near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, consider rhinoplasty by Dr. Loewenstein. Rhinoplasty can adjust the size, shape, or position of your nose so as to obtain the most flattering results, improving your self-confidence along the way. Rhinoplasty can also correct breathing abnormalities, crookedness, injuries, and the shape of the tip, nostrils, or bridge.

During rhinoplasty, small incisions are made just inside the nose so that there will be no visible scarring. On occasion, however, the "open" approach is used – especially if the nose is very asymmetrical or if the patient has a cleft lip-related deformity. If the nose is being reduced in size, cartilage and bone are removed to make for a straight profile. Similarly, if a bump is being extracted, surplus cartilage is carefully scraped away.

If the patient also has breathing problems because of internal structural problems, these can be addressed during rhinoplasty – Milwaukee patients need not undergo a separate surgery. This portion of the procedure is often covered by insurance.

Rhinoplasty Side Effects and Recuperation

The entire procedure takes roughly one to two hours to complete. Rhinoplasty is typically completed on an outpatient basis at an area surgery center or hospital in Milwaukee, under sedation with local or general anesthesia. Rhinoplasty results may take up to one year to fully surface, but they are permanent.

As with any surgery, there are some risks associated with rhinoplasty – these include infection and the bursting of small blood vessels in the nose; however, most patients report no problems. Typical side effects of rhinoplasty include temporary swelling, bruising, headaches, light bleeding, and stiffness. Patients can return to work within one to two weeks and resume more strenuous activities within two to three weeks. In addition, rhinoplasty Milwaukee patients should avoid hitting the nose or getting sunburned for eight weeks.

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If you would like to see Dr. Loewenstein, a top Milwaukee facelift and nose surgery specialist, for a rhinoplasty, brow lift, Juvederm treatment or eyelid surgery in our Milwaukee nose surgery office, please contact us today!

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